The Waiting Room

What do you do when your mind is there but your heart isn’t? When you know what your sin is; and you know what’s right, and you know what’s wrong, and you know what you need to be doing versus what you don’t need to be doing.  Your Mind knows but your heart just isn’t […]


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On My Worst Day

We have all had the worst day ever. Or even the worst season of your life. Some may think the worst season of your life was the time before your salvation. You know, those days when you lived recklessly, smoked, drank, etc. So let me ask you this, is there a God? And would his […]

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The Race

Think of life as a race. This race is tough and exhausting. Constantly you think about giving up, you think about just throwing in the towel. Everyone else seems to be passing you by and the further you go the more unattainable prize seems to be. But there actually is a prize at the end […]

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What God says i am

When I woke up to the truth in who God says I am, I began to start living in a way like never before. I began to start loving unconditionally, forgiving excessively, and walking in truth and light. Waking up to the reality of who God says we as people are, things change, lives changes, […]

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First Post!!!

Well, I started this blog based on an idea I have been wrestling with for a few weeks now. The mission behind this blog is simple,“to put my thoughts on Jesus and being a Jesus follower on paper and hopefully let it affect someone positively” . I am not sure what will come of this […]

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