I’m Sorry

Originally posted on A Generous Helping:
To the families and loved ones of those killed in Orlando… I am profoundly sorry. I know that is an underwhelming response to the nightmare that started for you on Saturday, but it is all I have. I am not in a position to offer a solution and I…

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Love Lies

Now before I begin, I think I should clarify that Love is not a lie, but their are many lies we have rehearsed ourselves as Jesus followers into believing about love.  Love is Jesus. Consequently Jesus is love. So many times we forget this basic concept. In our defense; it’s so easy to do this, […]

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Can You Believe ?

There are many questions that come up in our heads about how to take that next step in faith. We think it all starts with fixing the “bad” in us, and taking care of the sin in our lives. But I think that we miss something, a big something, which leads us to confusion and […]

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A Reality

Everywhere I turn it’s a comparison trap, its do this, do that, thou shall not, and thou shall. The more I look at myself the more I see how bad I am. Each layer of my private life is another lifeless pit just seeking acceptance. When I see how well other people are doing I […]

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We all know about destiny, you know, that big elaborate plan you keep hearing about that has been set by God for us to live out somehow. Sometimes known as “Gods Plan”. But not all of us know what ours is. Many questions may run through our heads, “How do I make sure I don’t […]

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Security In Him-Not Us

Security – it’s a popular word these days. The idea of being secure in another person’s arms, in a job, or just in life in general is an intensely sought after idea. Security also is something we put into place to avoid chaos. Celebrities and powerful people use security to avoid obsessive fans or an […]

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Our Desire To Be Known

We all have it in us, we all long for it, it’s the thing that has caused us to make that decision that we’ve regretted for years. We all want to be known. You know, accepted, loved, and accomplished. I mean, just look at our culture, “Follow me” “Send me a friend request” “Retweets” “Likes”. […]

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