The Power of the Cliche, “Let go and let God”


hi friends. So my best friend, Maddy Niswander, and I have started this blog to pour out our hearts to whoever would like to listen. The Lord is too wonderful not too share what he has done for us, and we want everyone to know that they can feel forever secure in Christ.

It has not been until recently that I have FULLY let God work in my heart. He has always been there, but I have put limits on his love for me. What I mean is, I have always struggled with wanting to please everyone, wanting to feel comfortable, and wanting live a life in which I could control. I feared the future and I was always trying to change things in order for “my plan” to unravel…

and, the Lord laughed.

For the longest time I lived with lack of confidence, labels, and self-pity. This took me down…

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