Love Lies

Now before I begin, I think I should clarify that Love is not a lie, but their are many lies we have rehearsed ourselves as Jesus followers into believing about love. 

Love is Jesus. Consequently Jesus is love. So many times we forget this basic concept.

In our defense; it’s so easy to do this, its natural to form superiority over people when the reality is that we all just sin different- but that’s not my point. I think it’s much greater than the sins, how they sin, or whom they are sinning against (Even if its you). It’s about the sinner. Not fixing them but loving them. Jesus came to put the arguments aside, mediate the different worldviews, and it radically changed everything. Love changed the game. Jesus showed love like no other. People he didn’t have to love- He did. People who went against him- He loved. People who cursed his name and tortured him- He loved. All right I think you get the point.

Here are a few Love Lies

  • That in the moment, condemnation is more important than love.
  • That my ideologies, beliefs, theories come before loving a person.
  • That when someone treats me in a bad way, that gives me a free pass to “un-love them”
  • That God is more interested in the 10 commandments than whether or not you love someone.
  • That when I’m faced with an argument regarding beliefs I should belittle that person and explain to them why they are wrong and I am right.

One thing that I have found out is people need love and acceptance a whole lot more than they need advice.

God’s love is not contingent on your obedience; and neither should our love.

Spend this week treating everyone with the same respect and love you have received from Jesus.


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