We all know about destiny, you know, that big elaborate plan you keep hearing about that has been set by God for us to live out somehow. Sometimes known as “Gods Plan”. But not all of us know what ours is. Many questions may run through our heads, “How do I make sure I don’t mess it up?” “How do I even know what Gods plan is for my life?” But consider this, what if achieving our destiny, is just a by-product of loving others and God?

So lets start from the base of destiny; before any fulfillment of Gods destiny for our lives, healing must take place, healing is key to growth. Destiny is what happens when those God-given desires, mixed with my particular gifting, are allowed to be healed, matured, and released to freely give away. Our destiny is always about loving others, or being prepared to love others. This is why we need healing so much. Unhealed wounds require our attention and we cannot focus on others while those wounds still need attention. This causes many of us to miss our destinations, on a routine basis, that over a lifetime produce our destiny.

Next, Destiny is also rooted in the joy of our relationship with Jesus, which He already purchased for us. When our worldview shifts to enjoying Him, rather than focusing on fixing our sin, we mature. In the process of maturing, our eyes open to others and we become aware of many more opportunities to love than when we focused on our issues.

Destiny is categorically greater than potential. The apostle Peter appears to have been a pretty mediocre fisherman. The only time he caught fish, it seems, was when Jesus performed miracles. But let’s say Peter had the talent to catch fish. Maybe, just maybe, if he’d devoted himself with great passion and dedication, Peter could have become one of the best fishermen on the entire Sea of Galilee. Maybe that was his potential. But even if he’d accomplished that, it wasn’t his destiny. Destiny is the ordained intention God has sacredly prepared with your name on it. Peter’s destiny was to become a fisher of men’s hearts. Even today, Peter draws us to God. That’s destiny. It wasn’t something Peter could manipulate, or talent his way into. It’s up to God, and it involves His glory, your fulfillment, and the welfare of others.

God’s goal for each of us is never simply healing or safety or rest or even receiving love, as astounding as those gifts may be. His goal is that we’d be released into the sense of purpose we haven’t been able to shake all of our lives.   

Tragically, not everyone will fully realize the dreams God holds for him or her. Some people have too many Good Intentions and have a hard time finding release into such a life. They’re too busy trying to change into whom they think God wants them to become, too preoccupied, satisfying shame, proving rightness, and polishing worthiness. Every moment of such madness, no matter how sly, keeps them self-centered, immature, and unavailable to others.

 “There is no releasing without maturing. There is no maturing without healing. There is no healing without receiving gifts of grace. There are no gifts of grace outside of Grace. “


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