Security In Him-Not Us

Security – it’s a popular word these days. The idea of being secure in another person’s arms, in a job, or just in life in general is an intensely sought after idea. Security also is something we put into place to avoid chaos. Celebrities and powerful people use security to avoid obsessive fans or an angered enemy from crossing the line. Airports use security as a form of protection for passengers. At our homes, we lock our doors to keep our families secure when we are most vulnerable. We all need some form of security, yet sometimes the idea of it is misleading.  Though scripture does affirm us that we have a safety and security in Jesus (Jeremiah 33:6), I don’t think that the security of Jesus, is the same as the security that we know and love. Actually, security in God isn’t that great from the outside looking in, “You want me to do what?” You want me to go where” “You want me to talk to who?” You know what I mean, that opportunity that is just simply out of the question because it goes beyond your security.

Security can affect your life and your relationship with God more that you think, here are a few ways security can hold you back.

•         Security can cause you to miss out on what God wants for you in this moment.

•         Security can cause you to become numb to opportunity.

•         Security can keep you from knowing Jesus and an intimate level.

•         Security can keep you from knowing Jesus at an intimate level without an audience.

Jesus doesn’t have a team of body guards telling you to come this, and only this close to Him. We have full access – 24/7 and the best news is: we don’t have to wait in long lines, spend hundreds of dollars just to see him, or even make an appointment.  Jesus wants all of you, all the time, no strings attached. But… do you want the same of Him?

Not having any security leads us to feel uncomfortable. Think about Jesus’ life on earth, pretty much the whole thing was uncomfortable and him taking unimaginable risks, saying unspeakable things that ultimately lead to his crucifixion. I think that we are called to be uncomfortable as Jesus was, and somehow if we aren’t careful, we get too caught up in the uncomfortable moments of Jesus, while we live in the comfortable moment of us. Simply put, we are called to feel uncomfortable and trust God.

Jesus wants you to be uncomfortable. He wants you to take risks, and cling to him in the uncertainty, and security holds back all this. Security says “Yeah, you know, this just isn’t the right time for a mission trip/small group/volunteer work/etc.” God says “Let’s go, me and you all the way, it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be uncomfortable, but I have your back. Are you going to trust me?”

Let me explain what I meant by “Security can keep you from knowing Jesus at an intimate level without an audience.”  Jesus wants you to trust him when you are alone, when you don’t have a group of people around. Heads up, Jesus isn’t concerned with how many Twitter followers you are using to proclaim His name to or how many times you serve at your local Church. While taking action in word and deed is important, it cannot take the place of quality alone time with your Heavenly Father. That quality alone time could lead to a deeper relationship and true intimacy with God. Jesus wants you to know Him in the quiet and secret places when no one is watching. In fact, He wants it to be just you and Him talking like old, best friends.

I’m not saying to move to Africa for a year to seek God, or make some crazy life change because you think that’s what God wants, all I’m saying is trust him wherever you go, have open ears to new opportunities, and believe that he is your only security.

We can rest assured that God’s security is like no other security. It is inviting, inclusive and forever ours to hold on to. So, what are you waiting for….take hold of it!


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