A Comeback Prayer

Originally posted on theHeofme:
You know what keeps me from pursuing a passion? Fear. You know what pushes me away from the people I love? Fear. You know what taints the goodness of relationship with my Father? Fear.? All that is ugly in my life I give full credit to that word. And Eric Church,…

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Costa Rica 2017

Friend, I have been honored with numerous opportunities throughout my life for in which I don’t deserve; a loving family, the pursuit of a college education, an amazing church, and I live in a beautiful place called Dahlonega, GA. All can be attributed to grace I suppose. With all these opportunities there are some I […]

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I’m Sorry

Originally posted on A Generous Helping:
To the families and loved ones of those killed in Orlando… I am profoundly sorry. I know that is an underwhelming response to the nightmare that started for you on Saturday, but it is all I have. I am not in a position to offer a solution and I…

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Pura Vida

Originally posted on selah:
Hey friends! I know its been a while since I’ve posted, and I wish I have been more on top of things since I decided to create a blog… but I have to tell ya- a lot has happened in my life recently! I went on a mission trip to Costa…

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Let’s Choose to Love

Originally posted on Alyssa Jennings:
More recently than ever (probably because my small group shows me such an incredible amount of love), I have been feeling this urge to fight for my generation. I have felt compelled to make sure the people of my generation know how much God loves them and how amazing life…

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